Hello world!

So, this is my first post on this new blog.

I have many ideas what to put here but it still needs to get a bit of shape and structure. At least I want to share a bit of my life and my findings.

I am a IT project manager, working at the customer application development department of Swets. Really, much is happening and I’m involved in many interesting things, most of them worth sharing.
We are now well underway in a big effort of making our development more agile by using Scrum. The results are pretty positive, but some nuts are hard to crack. I took a very good ScrumMaster training from Jeff Sutherland himself. But then it comes to practice…. About many things I learned a lot from other blogs. I guess that is how I decided to make my own. Share what I know to help other people, and perhaps along the way harvest some useful comments.

Well, get back soon. I’m now up to figure out WordPress 😉